Pool chemicals are safe when used and handled correctly.



As a responsible pool shop, we recommend you take care when using and storing pool chemicals:

  1.  Chlorine is like bleach – it will make your clothes/shoes white and kill plants on contact.

  1.  Don’t leave Chlorine in a hot car – it will leak through its vent hole and into your car.

  1.  Never mix different makes or types of Chlorine as a reaction can occur (including an explosion).

  1.  Never mix chlorine and acid together they will react and cause a toxic gas. Never store them  close to each other.

  1.  Pool acid is hydrochloric acid and it will burn you, your clothes and gives off dangerous fumes.

  2.  We advise you to wear suitable clothing and safety gear i.e. safety glasses, face/mouth shield when dispersing liquid hydrochloric acid.

Bundoora Pool and Spa takes NO responsibility for any damage caused to any property

in the event of a leak or spill of either liquid chlorine or liquid acid.

We suggest using the plastic bags provided to transport all liquid chlorine and acid that you choose to purchase.

For a safer option Bundoora Pool and Spa recommends using granular chlorine or dry acid.