Tip No 1:

Dealing with murky & cloudy water

Always check the pH level of the pool to make sure it is between 7.2 and 7.6, then boost the chlorine levels using IQ SHOCK & SWIM if necessary.

  1. If your pool is a bit cloudy and the bottom is visible, this can be fixed with IQ SUPER CLEAR or IQ POOL SHIMMER

  2. If your pool is very cloudy and you can’t see the bottom, it means there are lots of suspended particles or dead algae cells in the pool. Use IQ FAST FLOC to send them straight to the pool floor.

  3. Vacuum particles to waste, then use IQ CLEAR TABS to   bring the sparkle back

Tip No 2:

Understanding the basics: achieving clean, clear and safe swimming water


  1. CIRCULATION is achieved by running the right sized pump 8 hrs a day in Summerand 4 hrs a day in Winter. WATER NEEDS TO MOVE

  2. FILTRATION is achieved by filtering the water through a filter. This means small debris that is in the water is collected in the filter and not returned back to the pool.

  3. SANITATION – Water need to be sanitised by chlorine or other means to control and and kill dangerous bacteria and algae


Because the things we add to the water to keep it safe require stable water chemistry to be effective.

Here at Bundoora Pool and Spa we understand that you have valuable investment that you want to enjoy for many years to come. We are here to do reduce possible frustration regarding pool maintemance not to mention substantial unwanted cost so you can enjoy hours of pleasure and pride.